IKO Assistant Training


The Assistant Course is an intensive period of 5 days in which both theory and practice is involved. You’ll be working together with your fellow trainees on multiple topics. The mornings are usually more theoretical and the afternoon are for practical exercises. The topics that are involved are, amongst others, equipment knowledge, meteorology, aerodynamics, wind effects and the basics of teaching methods according to the IKO standards.

After you have demonstrated your own kiting skills it is time for the practical lessons. The Assistant Trainer will demonstrate the teaching methods after which you will discuss and perform the same methods. In small groups you’ll be teaching the first lessons to real beginners.


To complete the training you will have two hours to complete an online exam. Once you’ve successfully passed the course you will be certified as an IKO Assistant. If you are interested you can directly continue with the IKO Instructor Level 1 training.

IKO Assistant Requirements

  • Be at least 16 years old
  • IKO kiteboarder advanced level:
    • Make a turn, upwind- and toeside riding
    • Basic jumps
    • Self rescue in deep water
    • Controlled riding between other riders
    • Do a jump with grab
    • Jump transition
    • Board recovery
    • Rider recovery
  • Read and write in English


IKO Instructor Level 1 Training


The IKO Instructor course is an intensive period of 6 days in which both theory and practice is involved. Naturally safety is the keyword during the entire course. The course starts with a First Aid course, after which, if successfully completed, you will be certified as a Medic First Aid. The remaining five days you will be busy with various topics. These include safety standards, teaching methods according to the IKO standards, teaching psychology and detailed analysis of each teaching component of a lesson.


Beside this basic theoretical knowledge the practical side will also be challenged. After showing your personal kiteboarding level, you will be teaching real beginners. The examiner will demonstrate this first, then you will have time to practice with your fellow course members. Finally you will be critically evaluated by the other instructors and the examiner.


To round the course off, you will be teaching where various aspects will be evaluated by the examiner. There will also be a written exam to test your theoretical knowledge. If you manage to pass all the aspects you will be the proud owner of a IKO Instructor Level 1 diploma. More information about the IKO standards and levels can be found on the IKO website: www.ikointl.com

IKO Instructor Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have an IKO Assistant Instructor certification
  • Have a valid first aid and CPR certificate or complete it before the ITC with the IKO Examiner running the course


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