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Why should I choose Kitesafe?

Kitesafe is specialised in IKO Assistant and Instructor courses unlike any regular school. We are dedicated to providing a well organised and enjoyable environment to help you start your professional kite career.

We’ve been doing this since 2008 and have trained hundreds of instructors who are now roaming the planet passing the stoke.

Do I always need to do the Medic course?

If you have a valid BHV or other basic First Aid certificate you can send it to us and we can verify if we can accept it.

If you do not want to join our course or do not have the time, you can join a medic course with another organisation. You can contact us to check if it is valid for your IKO Instructor course.

Do I really have to do an Assistant course?

All IKO instructor candidates must join an IKO Assistant course, even if you already have teaching experience.
If you already have a valid Instructor certificate from another organisation (like BKSA, PASA or VDWS) you can contact us and see if you are eligible for an exemption for the Assistant course.

You can do the Assistant course in other IKO Centers, or train with us prior to the IKO Instructor course.

Why should I do an IKO training instead of another organisation?

In the Netherlands there are 3 main organisations providing training courses. The VDWS (German based), KNWV (Dutch based) and the IKO (International). All three provide a solid training and you can choose based on your goal of teaching.

The IKO has the largest international use base, so if your intention is to travel and teach kiteboarding around the world, you will find the IKO Instructor certificate will give you the most opportunities.

Why should I get an IKO certificate at all?

Even if you know your way around the kiteworld and have a friend with a kiteschool, they can increasingly often only hire instructors with a certificate for their insurance or local government.
In addition our trainers have many years of experience to help you become a more versatile and professional instructor.


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